Court Dismisses Wrongful Dismissal Claim of Health and Safety Manager

In a recent ruling by the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario, the wrongful dismissal claim of a former health and safety manager was dismissed because of her handling of a workplace injury.

The manager, who had been with the company since 2006, faced termination after it was discovered that she delayed reporting an accident she experienced in the company’s parking lot on March 28, 2019.

The manager initially claimed that she had been too embarrassed to report the accident, a sentiment she believed justified her delay. However, upon investigation, it became apparent that she had misled her employer and the court about how and when the incident was reported.

The court found she had manipulated the information provided to her superiors and the court, particularly by exploiting her relationship with a co-worker to conceal the true timeline and details of the event. This deception led to a breakdown in trust with her employer and culminated in her termination for cause.

The court emphasized that the manager’s dishonesty went beyond mere procedural non-compliance; it represented a severe breach of ethical standards expected of someone in her position.

This breach was significant enough to justify her dismissal, as it directly conflicted with the fundamental responsibilities of her role, especially in managing the integrity of workplace safety reporting.

This decision highlights the importance of honesty and integrity in the human resources and safety sectors, illustrating how breaches in trust can severely impact professional standings and employment status.

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