SWANN LAW was founded by Tatha Swann, a Toronto employment lawyer who worked at an international law firm before joining Canada’s most well-known boutique employment law firm in Toronto, Ontario.

Tatha helps employees and employers alike with all employment law issues. Her cases have been widely discussed in the media.

"During my career, I have learned how to most effectively help clients with their workplace issues...

Employers don’t want legal opinions. They want to know how to solve problems. Knowing what the law says is just the start.

What employers truly need to know is how to navigate the law and use it to make choices that affect their business.

My employee and executive clients also want to know their options, what they are entitled to, if the terms offered are fair, and how to negotiate superior outcomes, monetary or otherwise.

In some cases, individuals want to know what can and cannot be done, how to respond to and free themselves from harassment or human rights discrimination — and what the rewards and consequences might be — so they can make informed decisions about difficult choices. They need knowledge critical to making  decisions that affect their careers and their lives.

Every one of my clients wants clear and concise advice. They need an understanding ear, thoughtful consideration and a strategic mindset that balances time, stress, cost and results.

Together, we chart a path forward, so that their decisions come easily and their focus can return to fulfilling work, achieving their ambitions and building and running their businesses.”

Tatha Swann, SWANN LAW

"I help employees and employers navigate everyday - and exceptional - employment issues ...

I guide and advocate for clients in achieving the best outcome, whether that means a monetary result or peace of mind. 

My experience includes human rights, employment and commercial litigation.”




Deborah Cheung, SWANN LAW

Our Values


We do things the right way, with no corners cut and always with respect, civility and uncompromising dedication.


The practice of law is the art of writing, presentation, persuasion, and impassioned advocacy – of telling your side of the story with detail and finesse.


We provide clear, easy-to-follow advice. We translate the world of law and all its anachronisms into understandable concepts that have meaning for you and your
unique circumstances.


We give you the good news and the bad news. Only with the truth, unvarnished, can you make an informed decision.


Any outcome must be balanced with the time and cost to achieve it. Anticipating your return on investment and minimizing surprises is essential to your decision-making.


Employment law matters are human and fraught with emotion. Our jobs are a source of personal value, pride and dignity – or the loss of it. We will listen and help you craft a plan to restore calm and well-being in your job and career.

Get an understanding ear, thoughtful consideration and a strategic mindset that balances time, stress, cost and results.