Breaking the Silence: Encouraging Workplace Transparency and Integrity

In a world where transparency and integrity are increasingly championed, it’s disheartening that many employees still hesitate to report workplace misconduct.
According to a survey by the Institute of Business Ethics, only 57% of employees across 13 countries have raised concerns about unethical behaviour in the workplace.
The survey points to reasons why employees might not report unethical behaviour, including fear of retaliation, belief that no action would be taken, and concern over jeopardizing their job.
This is costly to both employees, who suffer in silence, and employers, who are unaware of costly breaches, damage to company culture and legal risks, regulatory or otherwise.
Implementing effective complaint and whistleblowing programs can help in this regard.
For a deeper dive into the reasons employees hesitate to report misconduct and strategies to encourage a healthy speak-up culture, I encourage you to explore the findings of the Institute of Business Ethics survey and consider how your organization can foster a more transparent and ethical environment.