Identify The Signs Of Constructive Dismissal

Changes at work can signal growth for the company, but they can also leave employees feeling uncertain, undervalued, or out of place in their own jobs.

It’s crucial to recognize when these changes may have crossed the line into constructive dismissal.

Constructive dismissal occurs when an employer unilaterally makes a significant change to a fundamental term or condition of the employment contract, entitling the employee to a severance package if they do not want to accept these changes.

You might be facing constructive dismissal if you’ve experienced:

Significant Salary Reduction: Suddenly slashing your salary without your agreement.

Demotion: Being demoted without a justifiable reason, especially if your job title, duties, or responsibilities are significantly reduced.

Unreasonable Relocation: Being asked to relocate to a different city or country on short notice without reasonable support or agreement.

Toxic Work Environment: Behaviour that make your workplace intolerable, such as harassment or bullying.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you may have a claim for constructive dismissal. Each case is unique, so it’s crucial to seek professional legal advice to understand your rights and the best course of action.

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