Justice Prevails

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has awarded $180,000 in damages to a woman who suffered a series of sexual assaults and threats at the hands of her boss.

According to the ruling, the woman accepted a role as an esthetician shortly after her arrival as a refugee from Iran, performing tasks such as nail manicuring, colouring, waxing and threading for just $5 per hour, paid in cash.

The adjudicator found that over the course of just two months of employment, her boss — who did not appear at the hearing — subjected her to an escalating series of unwanted sexual advances and physical and sexual assaults, breaching her rights under several sections of Ontario’s Human Rights Code.

The tribunal also found that he reprised against her: first, by threatening to report her to the police and have her deported when she asked to be paid minimum wage and later by launching a small claims action against her following the filing of her human rights complaint.

Taking into account the woman’s particular vulnerability and the devastating impact the experience had on her, the adjudicator wrote that a significant award of compensation was due, setting the amount at $180,000 for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect recorded — one of the largest on record.

Tap the link to read the decision: https://ow.ly/3hwm50QN89v