Ontario’s Minimum Wage Increase: Implications for Employees and Employers

On October 1, 2024, the Ontario government will increase the minimum wage from $16.55 to $17.20 per hour. This 3.9% raise positions Ontario’s minimum wage as the second highest in Canada, just behind British Columbia’s $17.40 per hour.

⏩ What this means for employees: Employees working 40 hours per week at the minimum wage will see an annual increase in earnings of up to $1,355. In 2023, 935,600 workers in the province earned at or below $17.20 per hour.

⏩ What this means for employers: Preparing for these changes is crucial. About 35% of workers at or below the current minimum wage are in retail, while 24% are in accommodation and food services. This adjustment affects payroll and may also influence hiring, employee retention and compliance strategies.

⏩ Need guidance? As an employment lawyer, I’m here to help your business navigate these updates smoothly and ensure compliance with the new wage regulations.

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