Rule One: Document Everything

As an employment lawyer, I can’t stress enough the importance of having a solid paper trail when filing a workplace complaint in Ontario.

A paper trail serves as crucial evidence in supporting your claims and ensuring a fair resolution:

  • Document any incidents or issues that arise in the workplace, including the dates, times, locations and detailed descriptions of the events.
  • Gather relevant documents, such as emails, memos, or performance reviews, supporting your case. These records can provide valuable context and corroborate your account of the situation.
  • Keep a record of any conversations or interactions related to the complaint. Whether it’s discussions with colleagues, supervisors or human resources, document the key points, participants and outcomes of these conversations

The paper trail serves as a comprehensive timeline and demonstrates your efforts to address the issue internally.

Remember, strong documentation can strengthen your position and increase the chances of successfully resolving your workplace complaint.

Consult with an employment lawyer to ensure you understand your rights, responsibilities, and the best approach for handling your specific situation.