What To Do After Losing Your Job

Being terminated is challenging, emotionally and professionally.

As an employment lawyer, my goal is to provide clients with clear legal guidance, ensuring they are informed, prepared and protected during this time.

If you have been terminated, here are some important steps to take:

Have a Lawyer Review Your Severance Package: Don’t accept the package at face value. What’s offered is likely less than what you’re entitled to. An employment lawyer can review your package and negotiate a better deal.

Understand Your Rights: In Ontario, employees are entitled to minimum payouts specified by statute, as well as additional pay depending on the nature of your position, your age and other factors. An employment lawyer can help you understand what severance pay you should receive.

Legal Support for Negotiations: An employment lawyer can negotiate extended severance pay, legal costs, and retraining or career counselling as part of your severance package.

Protect Your Professional Future: In the event of a layoff, it’s important to leave your role professionally and with your reputation intact. Legal counsel can advise on how to communicate with your former employer, to ensure you leave on good terms and maintain valuable professional relationships.