Human Rights Discrimination

Are you being discriminated against because of your gender, race or skin colour, medical condition (disability), age, pregnancy or another human rights ground?

Perhaps this treatment is unfair discipline, a targeted termination, a demotion, unwanted sexual comments or “romantic” attention, derogatory comments or other stereotyping.

This is human rights harassment and discrimination and it is against the law.

We can help you learn whether you have experienced discrimination, how to address it, stop it and get compensation for your mistreatment.  Learn your options and empower yourself with a top employment lawyer.

 Questions and issues to consider:

  • Learn what constitutes human rights discrimination
  • Learn how to gather evidence of discrimination
  • Take steps to stop the discrimination 
  • Seek compensation in court, at the Human Rights Tribunal or in an Occupational Health and Safety complaint

Get an understanding ear, thoughtful consideration, and a strategic mindset that balances time, stress, cost, and results.