Layoffs & Severance Packages

Do you have an employee whose position is no longer needed or is just not a good fit? Perhaps you need to lay off employees because of reduced work, a restructure of the workforce, or a wind-up of the business.

Maybe you are terminating for serious misconduct, dishonesty or fraud, with no severance package.

Our Toronto employment lawyers can help you with your termination letters and what severance to offer so you know the costs up front and can avoid litigation.

  • Learn dos and don’ts when laying off employees
  • Understand what severance package is fair or likely to avoid litigation
  • Prepare a termination plan and craft professional termination letters
  • Make a case to fire for just cause, with no severance package.

Get an understanding ear, thoughtful consideration, and a strategic mindset that balances time, stress, cost, and results.