Complaints & Investigations

Employers are increasingly expected to conduct investigations when employees make complaints about behaviour in the workplace.

Conducting a fair and thorough investigation is  NOT an easy task unless you have HR managers trained in this. Most HR managers do not have this training. Our team of employment lawyers can help you ask the right questions, coach your HR department or a manager on how to conduct the investigation. Or our team of experts can conduct an investigation for you. 

We can also help your business decide what to do with the results and whether discipline or termination is warranted based on the outcome of the investigation.

  • Get help conducting workplace investigations
  • Get help interviewing witnesses
  • Ensure the complainant and respondent are treated fairly and the results will stand up in court
  • Learn your options on next steps after the investigation – whether discipline, termination or another outcome

Get an understanding ear, thoughtful consideration, and a strategic mindset that balances time, stress, cost, and results.