Termination & Severance Packages

Your employment has been terminated and you are being asked to accept a severance package in exchange for signing a release.

Ensure that the severance package is fair before you sign.  Employers usually offer less than your entitlements as a starting point, expecting a negotiation. We can give you peace of mind that what you are signing is fair. More often, we can get you a better severance package. 

  • Know your legal rights before you sign
  • What is missing from your severance package?
  • Should your bonus be part of your severance package?
  • What about your your pension entitlements or RRSP match?
  • How long will your benefits continue?
  • How are your STIP and LTIP treated?
  • Negotiate a better package with a Toronto employment lawyer

Get an understanding ear, thoughtful consideration, and a strategic mindset that balances time, stress, cost, and results.