Hiring & Employment Contracts

It is important to have key, well drafted terms in your employment contracts.

Most employment contracts in Ontario are not enforceable when it comes to the termination provisions as the law is constantly evolving, with courts making it more and more difficult to limit employee severance packages on termination.

As a result, your contracts should be reviewed each year to ensure they are up to date. This can save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in severance pay.

Our employment law team also helps with creating and updating contract templates for employees and contractors, including specialized positions such as sales people who may have specific commission terms, or executives with STIPs, LTIPs and more complex termination entitlements.

  • Ensure your employment contracts are updated
  • Add layoff provisions to your contracts – provisions which many wish they had during COVID-19
  • Reduce the chance of a dispute over severance on termination, or payout of bonus or commissions

Get an understanding ear, thoughtful consideration, and a strategic mindset that balances time, stress, cost, and results.